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Farmer wants a wife

Farmer Wants a wife

My little brother James 'Jimmy/Jim' Stephenson (pictured playing with his favourite toy) has been single for quite a while. So when the opportunity arose to enlist the help of the telly box to find himself a wife he jumped at the chance. I'm not sure he really knew what he was getting into. But we did get to meet the lovely Mrs Louise Redknapp so it wasn't all bad.

Most of the filming took place over easter this year and we have been waiting for a long time to see the finished programme. Jim's episode of Farmer Wants a Wife is on Five at 9pm Wednesday 30th October. The show will be available to watch on Demand Five afterwards.

I really hope they don't show the bit's I filmed for the show but maybe next year they can film 'Front-end developer wants a wife'.

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