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Map Maker 2

Map Maker

My Map Maker is a little application that I built to scratch my own itch in 2005. Back then geocoding UK addresses was a royal pain. The Post Office weren't making post code data available and the geocoding services that were publicly available were pretty inaccurate (some still are). So the easy way to make a Google Map of any location has always been to find it on a map and click exactly where you want your marker to appear. And that's what the Map Maker lets you do. Click on the map to set the latitude and longitude, add your marker info and there you go. Instant Google maps.

Map Maker now has over 20,000 registered users and more than 25,000 maps. Which was why it became important to upgrade the membership system from my home rolled PHP admin into something a bit more robust. So In came an ExpressionEngine CMS and now I can do things like send password reminders and email confirmed registration. It's a bit more grown up!

The user interface has also had a big overhaul, all of the JavaScript on the front end is using jQuery now and the layout has been improved too.

It's actually starting to make a bit of money too. So if you'd like to see more upgrades and features, like it on Facebook or click on the banner and I might do some more tweeks soon.

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