Some of the many projects that I have worked on

Business Growth Hub

Project Management, HTML, CSS & JS

Client: Business Growth Hub


Business Growth Hub Homepage

Almost Extinct

HTML, CSS, JS & ExpressionEngine

Client: The Chase

The Chase’s 2011 multi-award winning Almost Extinct calendar for the BBC Wildlife Fund seemed like a perfect little opportunity to prove to technophobe creatives some of the benefits of the internet. Only 500 copies of the printed calendar were produced so I thought we should try and reach a wider audience to spread a powerful message. Additional content from Wikipedia helps to give some extra context to the plight of 365 of the world’s most endangered species. I'm not sure how many page views it ended up getting but over 800 Facebook likes must be good?

Almost Extinct - October Almost Extinct - Albino Donkey Almost Extinct - Indian Rhinocerous Almost Extinct - Sumatran Tiger

Manor Farm Cottages

Design, HTML, CSS, JS and ExpressionEngine

Client: S P Stephenson Ltd

I designed and built this site to promote the latest family diversification project. It’s built in HTML5 on an Expression Engine CMS with a nice little calendar and booking module I commissioned. I also brought in help for the photos and the copywriting so it's been a team effort (thanks Graham, Ste and Rick) but I think the benefits are obvious.

Manor Farm Cottage homepage Manor Farm Cottage - About the village page

Seafish UK Ltd

Design, PHP, HTML, CSS and JS

Client: Bluestorm

Freelance project for Bluestorm Design showing a wide range of my skills. Designed new company logo, website and email templates. Developed PHP product catalogue and shopping basket. Implemented backend form processing and email alerts. Site built to web standards in XHTML, CSS & JavaScript. Uses custom built DOM scripting for form validation and crossfade image animations.

Seafish UK homepage Seafish UK content page Seafish UK content page

AWA Digital

HTML, CSS, JS and ExpressionEngine

Client: AWA

One of my first tasks at my new job was to rebuild the company website. Built to web standards and a high level of accessibility. Back-end based on ExpressionEngine CMS. Uses JavaScript to add graphic embelishments. Cross-browser compatible. Uses conditional comments & CSS to make sure it works in IE5.5!

AWA Digital homepage AWA Digital content page AWA Digital content page

Bennett UK Glass

Design, PHP, HTML, CSS and JS

Client: Bluestorm

Freelance branding, website design and build project. Built using standards compliant XHTML and CSS. A high level of accessibility was achieved.

Bennett homepage Bennett content page


HTML, CSS, JS and ExpressionEngine

Client: AWA

One of my first projects at AWA called on my experience of estate agency software gained at previous employer Vebra. Front-end development and integration with property search systems and Google maps. Property searches can be performed on every page of the site and return fully customised lists of results provided by Vebra software. Site built using ExpressionEngine which allows client full control of content.

Emsleys homepage Emsleys property search map

Highshots elevated photography

Design, PHP, HTML, CSS and JS

Client: Highshots

Low budget website design and development for small photography business. Features first commercial outing for my AJAX Gallery script.

Highshots homepage



Client: Adverset

Freelance project. Custom PHP CMS development and Google maps API integration. Allows editors to easily add and edit office information and locations through a specially developed JavaScript interface. Front-end development to the usual web standards in XHTML and CSS.

Forsyth development page

Dynamic Flash window displays for estate agencies

Design, Flash and XML

Client: Vebra

Night displays for estate agent windows. Customisable Flash applications that process and display dynamic data and images from a customer's property database via ASP and XML.

Night display Night display

Various freelance web development jobs


Client: Various

I spent most of 2006 freelancing and worked for a number of agencies around Yorkshire including Bluestorm Design, Pollenation, Adverset and AWA Digital. Projects were mostly design, front-end development and CMS development. AWA were so impressed with the quality of my work they asked me to join them fulltime.

Wilberforce 2007 homepage Tri-pack homepage Poolside Property homepage The National Training Network homepage


HTML, CSS, JS and ExpressionEngine

Client: AWA

Large scale executive recruitment website for sector leading consultancy. Developed front-end functionality for application processes. Produced all HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Integrated content with ExpressionEngine CMS. Developed additional microsite facility using EE Multiple Site Manager module allowing client to easily provide customised sites to promote job openings. Worked with back-end team to develop custom Job Management module.

GatenbySanderson homepage